Church History

First Assembly of God

Camden, Arkansas


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Jethro Walthall Article

The Mortgage burning on Center Street

Rev. Duell Tanner Retires

The church buildings on Center Street


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Pastors and Staff pictures



Royal Rangers


Sunday School Classes

Women's Ministries



Pastors, Staff, and others

Will Mack 1914

Dollie Simms

Jay Tucker

Tanners late 30s (Oct 1930 - 1957)

Tanners closeup 30s

Tanners Early 1940s

AW Tanner 1954

Center Street clipping with AW Tanner

Rev. & Mrs. AW Tanner, Duell Tanner 1954

Duel and Melda Tanner (1957 - May 1968)

D Tanner & Forrest Arnold family

Duell Tanner resigns

Rev Bobby Brock (1968 - Feb 1970)

Rev Jerry Buchanan (March 1970 - Feb 1972)

Rev Carl Tillery (March 1972 - Sept 1979)

Mortgage Burning 1974

Rev T. Winfield Piker (Oct 1979 - Aug 1984)

Clifton Phelps - Youth Pastor (April 1980 - Nov 1980)

Wayne Craft - Youth Pastor

Ed Eaton - (Sept 1984 - Nov 1987) on right in photo with Terry Walthal and Steve Bradshaw

Steve & Mary Beth Bradshaw - Youth

Chris Bradshaw - Youth

Rev & Mrs Bishop (Feb 1988 - June 1990)

Rev & Mrs Bishop (1999 photo)

Dr and Mrs Hamm (Sept 90 - Mar 94)

Richard and Anita Hamm

Richard and Anita Hamm 1999 photo

Warren and Lola Burns - Youth

Wayne and Kim Bradshaw - Youth

Terry and Leslie Walthal - Associate

Lee and Rita Ponder - Youth

Rev. and Mrs. D.G. Plank (June 1994 - March 1997)

Elmer Nugent & Family (July 1997 – Nov 2010)

Diane Cox - Secretary 1991

Carol Dixon - Financial Secretary

Joann Murry - Treasurer

Barbara Bradshaw - Secretary

Board unknown year

Deacons 1981

Trustees 1981

Joe Wilmoth, DCAP 

Michael Tullis - Phil Tanner

Mrs. Carl (Bonnie) Pierce

 J.O. & Kathleen Belin - Associate

Chester & Missy Passmore - Youth

Thadd Wilson – Worship Leader

Greg & Megan Sanders  (youth pastor Jan. 1998- Jan. 2006 )

Greg & Megan Sanders  (senior pastor Nov. 2010 - )

Tim and Donna Horton – Children’s Ministry

Conner Davis - Youth




bylaw pg1









bulletin pg1





recognition july 1930


articles pg1



list of 27 charter members


cradle roll cover

cradle roll certificate



ground breaking

AG church clipping

brick church picture

Center Street 1963

Church photo unknown

F.L.C. brand new

White frame church front 1937 with congregation

White frame church side view with men of church

Brick church and congregation 1942

Brick church and congregation 1942 high resolution image

Greene Family in front of church

Center Street old church building

Brick church and people on Center Street

Inside Church on Maul Road 

Inside Center Street during services

Close-up views of congregation during center street service. This is the same as the

Inside Center Street picture but is much more detailed. There are 6 views moving from left to right.

View1 - far left

View2 - left

View3 - middle left

View4 - middle right

View5 - right

View6 - far right




First Missionettes

Missionettes - Return from Labor Day 1980 swim party

Rainbows 1981

Daises 1981

Prims 1981

Senior Missionettes 1981

Jr Missionettes 1981



Royal Rangers

Dale Reddin at RR camp 1983

Mike Cochran and Jeff Hunter RR camp 1980

Harold Bradshaw setting up camp 1980

Ed LeVay and Harold at RR camp 1983

RR Campout 1980 Mike Cloud - David New - Joey Young

Straight Arrows 1981

Buckaroos 1981

Pioneers 1981

Trailblazers 1981

Trail Rangers 1981



Young Believers 1976

Valentine Banquet 1975 - Gaynelle Murry and Carl Tillery jr

clown team 1997

clown crusade clipping

childrens church workers Aug 1974

CA Class - 50s?

CA Group - 50s?

Youth at the river - 50s?

First Quiz Bowl team

 Annette Harrison, Jo Harrison, Radell Wallace 1950's



Sunday School Classes

Ladies SS early 1940s

Jr Class have refreshments 50s

Jrs in early 50s

Jr class in early 50s

Ruby Couch Jr class 50s

Sis LD Meyers Jr Class 50s

Jr Dept opening exercise 50s

Ben Bradshaw Jr Class 50s

Sis Brown Jr Class 50s

Sis wright class 1930

First Bible Class 1930

Sunday School 1930

Bonnie Stafford Beginner class

Children's SS in 1950's #1

Children's SS in 1950's #2

Children's SS in 1950's #3

Children's SS in 1950's #4



Women's Ministries

WMC at Hot Springs

WM quilting May 1981 - Ruie Murry, Opal New, Clara Morris

WM Retreat Oct80 - Suzanne, Leta, Ivy, Sadie, Peggy

Shelba Reddin at WM Retreat 1980

Bessie Bradshaw quilting

 WM visit to Ouachita Convalescent Center in 1986



Other Activities

Memorial Day picnic 1981 - Winfield Piker

Jay Anthony in Heavens Gates 03/07/93

The Judgement newpaper clipping

Mexico 1987 work site

Mexico 1987 team

Mexico 1987 leaving

Spiritones singing group